7 weeks 4 days ago — Don’t miss our annual ‘Year In Review’ services. First one is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30pm! https://t.co/FMHxtbkcx3
5 years 23 weeks ago — Mark 10:17-31 this week! The story of "The Rich Young Ruler", one my favorites!
5 years 24 weeks ago — This Sunday: Mark 10:1-12 "& the two shall become one flesh.' So they are no longer two but one flesh." Mark 10:8
5 years 24 weeks ago — We're back in Mark tomorrow! Chapter 9:30-50. Ever given up first place, to be last?
5 years 25 weeks ago — Dans up this week! We'll be looking at 1Corinthians 9-24-27.
5 years 26 weeks ago — Did you get yours? As in a ticket for: "Picnic with a Purpose" its this Sunday from 1-4pm. Call the office if you need one 530-544-7055.
5 years 27 weeks ago — This Sunday: Philippians 3 - "Living with the end in mind! The example of Jesus."
5 years 28 weeks ago — Tomorrows your first chance to get tickets for our "Picnic with a Purpose". It's on August 26th!
5 years 29 weeks ago — If you want to get a head start on our teaching for this Suday, read - Luke 4:16-21
5 years 30 weeks ago — Cru crew for worship, VBS video wrap up & Dr. Jen Rosner teaching! Great Sunday - one more chance to catch it: 6:30pm.
5 years 31 weeks ago — VBS starts in 3 days! Have you registered your kids yet? How 'bout passing on an invitation to someone you know who has kids?