7 weeks 4 days ago — Don’t miss our annual ‘Year In Review’ services. First one is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30pm! https://t.co/FMHxtbkcx3
5 years 2 weeks ago — Johns message tomorrow on Jesus in Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-41). Title: "Jesus Looks into the Abyss".
5 years 3 weeks ago — Communion tomorrow at all 3 services. 9am, 10:45am & 6:30pm. Teaching from Mark 14:22-31.
5 years 4 weeks ago — Great night @ Sierra watching "Genius". Follow-up workshop in two 2weeks!
5 years 6 weeks ago — Mark your calendar Thursday January 17th. 7-8pm. Sharing with others: Who God is, what He's done for us & what means to follow Him.
5 years 8 weeks ago — This Sunday: The Best of 2012 - Sierra's 4th Annual Year in Review!
5 years 8 weeks ago — Which one are you coming to? 6pm, 7:30pm or 9pm Christmas Eve Service!
5 years 9 weeks ago — This Thursday 7-8pm, our last in the series: Revelation & Beyond - examining Jesus teaching on judgement and things to come from Mark 13.
5 years 10 weeks ago — I'm collecting "Best of..." picture and stories for my 4 annual "Year in Review" message! Recommendations?
5 years 12 weeks ago — This Sunday at Sierra, more from the Book of Mark: Apparently Jesus DOESN'T know everything... @SierraComChurch
5 years 13 weeks ago — Using a quote from this article in Sundays message: Why Should We Talk About Hell? by @DanKimball http://t.co/Vj7ylyyS