7 weeks 4 days ago — Don’t miss our annual ‘Year In Review’ services. First one is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30pm! https://t.co/FMHxtbkcx3
4 years 46 weeks ago — The role of asking good questions... A Harvard student's journey from staunch atheist to Christian intellectual. http://t.co/3EVUiNxu2W
4 years 46 weeks ago — New series starts this week: "Lesson From The Land". Up first... "Living at the Crossroads".
4 years 47 weeks ago — Hope you enjoyed the Good Friday Services! The first of our 3 Easter Services is up tonight: 6:30pm & two tomorrow:Sunday 9am & 10:45am.
4 years 47 weeks ago — Just a reminder... Good Friday Service: 7pm- 8pm. Easter Services: Saturday - 6:30pm & Sunday 9am & 10:45am.
4 years 50 weeks ago — Wind up you clocks... And remember they "spring" forward tonight!
4 years 51 weeks ago — This Sunday Mark 15:1-15. Pilate's in a difficult spot... What does he have to teach us about decision making?
4 years 51 weeks ago — Tim Keller's new Kindle book is out now! The Grieving Sisters. Only $1.99. http://t.co/vmBuQU5Bkc
5 years 6 days ago — This article has a lot of people talking.... http://t.co/w2YL2x7h
5 years 2 weeks ago — What a challenging article: "As a leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then I somehow became one." http://t.co/cqII7Qmk
5 years 2 weeks ago — Candlelight, acoustic guitar worship tonight. Kicks off (pun intended) our service at 6:15pm.