7 weeks 4 days ago — Don’t miss our annual ‘Year In Review’ services. First one is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30pm! https://t.co/FMHxtbkcx3
4 years 16 weeks ago — An all new 201:Disciplines for Life rolls out on Nov. 16th from 9:30am-12pm. Sign-up after service!
4 years 17 weeks ago — Prodigal God: great study tonight at church 7:15pm!
4 years 18 weeks ago — Not sure where is Dan is going in Psalms this week- but the following week is Psalm 119!
4 years 19 weeks ago — Pastor John is teaching from Psalms this week and giving a report from the Navajo Team that just returned from their trip!
4 years 20 weeks ago — "But as for me, my feet had almost slipped; I had nearly lost my foothold" -Psalm 73 this Sunday!
4 years 22 weeks ago — I'm looking forward to Dan walking us through Psalm 8 tomorrow!
4 years 24 weeks ago — New series from the book of Psalms kicks off this week. What's your favorite Psalm?
4 years 24 weeks ago — "God's Ingredients For Growth" was a great series! Next week we kick off a new one... Exploring some of the insight from the Psalms!!!
4 years 30 weeks ago — Pastor Dan's message today was OUTSTANDING! If you missed it check it out online at: http://t.co/JI2ho01hq8
4 years 32 weeks ago — Classic passage this Sunday. You'll feel right at home as you listen too! You'll know what I mean as soon as walk in...