7 weeks 4 days ago — Don’t miss our annual ‘Year In Review’ services. First one is tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:30pm! https://t.co/FMHxtbkcx3
3 years 35 weeks ago — One of the most popular Bible stories this week: Paul in Athens (Acts 17)!
3 years 38 weeks ago — Looking forward to "Breakout Sunday" this week! @EternalTahoe will be teaching!
3 years 43 weeks ago — New Woman's Bible Study starts tomorrow. "Taking Responsibility For Your Life". 9am, 4 Weeks - last Wed. Morning study till the Fall!
3 years 44 weeks ago — Good Friday service 7-8pm. Easter Services: Saturday 6:30pm. Sunday 9am & 10:45am. Jesus Lives!
3 years 48 weeks ago — So what happens after Stephens death? Read Acts 8 &9, Dan will be talking about it this week. #acts
3 years 52 weeks ago — Acts part 8 tomorrow. Challenging story from Acts chapter 5: Genuine Generosity vs. Hypocrisy.
4 years 7 weeks ago — Dan is kicking off our new series this Sunday. We'll be traveling through the book of Acts!
4 years 9 weeks ago — Oranges and Christmas? We're mixin' them together this Sunday. Come find out what they make!
4 years 12 weeks ago — Our Christmas series starts this Sunday. Comparing two different reactions to the arrival of Jesus. Matthew 2:1-14
4 years 13 weeks ago — Start your Thanksgiving week off with us. John has an OUTSTANDING message ready for this Sunday! 9am, 10:45am & 6:30pm