44 weeks 4 days ago — Tomorrow we kick off 6 weeks exploring the riches of the Prodigal Son story from Luke 15! #ProdigalSon #ProdigalGod #Luke15
46 weeks 4 days ago — Serving up our annual "Year in Review" tomorrow! 9am, 10:30am and 6:30pm!
48 weeks 1 day ago — What are your plans for Christmas Eve? We have 3 services: 6pm, 7:30pm & 9pm.
2 years 41 weeks ago — Great message on Genesis chapter 3 today! Still an hour before the 6:30 service starts! Joe is warming with band for worship, come on down!
2 years 46 weeks ago — Kick off the first weekend of 2015 with a great reminder of the "Timeless Hope" that is available to all! 9am, 10:45 or 6:30pm.
3 years 4 weeks ago — "Why Work?" Good question! We'll be talking about it tomorrow at our services. 9:00am, 10:45am and 6:30am.
3 years 9 weeks ago — If you missed the first three weeks from Proverbs, you can always catch up here:http://t.co/aE4z5LFabV
3 years 9 weeks ago — More from the book of Proverbs tomorrow!
3 years 19 weeks ago — Dans rolling into Acts 22 today. Great chapter!
3 years 20 weeks ago — Acts Chapter 20 this week. Any insights you have from it? Email us you ideas!
3 years 22 weeks ago — One of the most popular Bible stories this week: Paul in Athens (Acts 17)!